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Performance Coaching


As a dancer, choreographer, and artistic director, I have been involved in the arts for over 3 decades. For the last several years, I have provided coaching services to performers of various disciplines (dancers, poi artists, singers, pianists) focused on honing their unique sensibilities, increasing their energetic connection with the audience, and developing more confidence and poise while on stage.


Performance coaching rates: $85 per hour



"I am a performing artist, as well as the producer and director of Spiral Light Productions. I had been feeling bogged down by the details of pulling together a multimedia event, and had lost my connection as a performer. I was very fortunate to find Aria Michaels Paradise. She is affordable, very easy to work with, and has great integrity. She is also highly intuitive, and could pinpoint my challenges and recognize my stumbling blocks better than anyone else. Together, we came up with creative and workable solutions that I continue to use every time I create. I highly recommend Aria! She has helped me to integrate a holistic approach to expressing myself in the creative arts." ~Gret M.




"Aria Michaels Paradise is nothing short of an artist. As a performer of theatrical belly dance, she captures the essence of every character she plays. She is not afraid to go to the dark places or the silly places to get her point across, and she always has a point. Aria has a history with many and various forms of dance and can draw vocabulary from all of them to create a single unique experience. As a director, she knows exactly what she wants and is more than happy to explore many avenues to get there. Aria is patient but firm, and professional in every way. As a teacher, she would probably cast off that label. She would probably go with "guide." And that is exactly the role she plays in her workshops, guiding her students to find their own truths through exercises, stimuli, visual media, and conversation, instead of imposing her own truth on them. If you ever get the chance to work with her in any capacity, fellow performer or student, I highly suggest you take it." - Jackie W.

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