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These sessions are tailored specifically and holistically for you. As these are not modeled within an orthodox psychotherapeutic paradigm, we are able explore your individual paths without having to conform to traditional treatment plans. For the last 8 years, I have utilized alternative modalities to help inform and clarify psychotherapy sessions. This is an offering, and certainly not a lens that I enter without my client's express permission. My clients and I have often found that by supplementing our psychotherapy work with modalities including, but not limited to, tarot and astrology, that it clarifies themes that often arise in our discussions. If you have any questions or would like clarification about my PsychoSpiritual Counseling services please let me know! Please note that there is no additional charge if we utilize tarot as a part of a PsychoSpiritual session. All clients must be 18+ and the age of consent.


If you wish, part of any or all sessions can include a guided meditation practice. Some clients prefer to record these sessions so that they can play them back at home. I have found that regular meditation is an essential part of my self care practice, and highly recommend it to my clients! Often my clients will tell me that they feel unsure about meditation, or that "I've tried it and I just can't stop my thoughts from spinning around in my head! In the course of my 18 years of practice, I have had a 100% success rate of finding a type of meditation that works for my clients. We are all different and benefit from different modalities... we can find one that is correct and good for you.



What is PsychoSpiritual Counseling?

All sessions are a full 60 minutes in length.

Sessions are $175. Please inquire about accepted methods of payment.
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