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What is involved with a tarot reading through ABRAXAS Intuitive Arts? Tarot sessions are not only about divination, but also geared toward exploring personal insights through the power of the unconscious and the archetypes offered by Tarot. I am a professional psychic reader, currently employed at Crow Haven Corner in Salem, MA and have previously worked at The Cauldron Black in Salem, MA. All clients must be 18+ and the age of consent.

**Note that these fees are for sessions which are exclusively scheduled as tarot only. If you are a client receiving PsychoSpiritual Counseling, tarot sessions are included in session services, and not priced separately.


For more info, you can check out my blog The Alchemy of Tarot.


Currently, all tarot readings are online via Doxy. 

$50 for a 15 minute reading, $75 for 30 minutes. 


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