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Reiki Classes


I'm really thrilled to be offering attunements to Reiki! I have been amazed by the empowering and life changing benefits of this modality and look forward to sharing them with you.


If you are interested in Reiki attunements, please email me for more details...


"Yesterday I had an attunement done and completed Reiki Level Training I with Aria. I've had reiki done before but Aria was hands-down the best. Not only is she personable and makes you feel right at home but the amount of peace and tranquility I am now feeling is amazing. She teaches in a very free and open way that lets you explore what techniques work for you. It allows you to really feed off of the person you're working with and give them the best experience as well. I'd recommend anyone to see Aria!" -Hannah R.



Foundations of Reiki (1 hour free introduction)


Reiki (pronounced “Ray- key”) is an incredibly effective, gentle, and safe form of energetic healing. It is also an increasingly popular and accepted adjunct palliative therapy used in clinics, hospitals, hospices, etc…  Reiki is a modality that can be utilized to treat anyone (including pets), anywhere, at any time. Distance is not a factor with Reiki, as it is just as profoundly effective if your client, or family member is 3,000 miles away. In this free one hour introduction to Reiki, a brief history will be provided along with some practical demonstration of how an in person session works. The introduction will also include discussion of how participants can become Reiki practitioners.



Foundations of Reiki, Level One attunement


During this workshop we will explore the origins of Reiki through a comprehensive and interdisciplinary approach (historical, metaphysical, spiritual, practical aspects of working with Reiki energy on yourself and clients).  Following the discussion will be the attunement to Reiki Level One, and a more in depth, hands on practicum of Reiki for self -care and Reiki for use as a healing modality for others.

(This is an all day workshop, and a light lunch will be provided). 


***Please note that the only pre-requisite for Level One is that students must have had the experience of receiving Reiki at least one time.


$175 (one day course)


Foundations of Reiki, Level Two attunement


During this two -day workshop, we will discuss in depth the use of the first three symbols of the Usui Reiki paradigm, and how these allow us to send Reiki energy over time and distance. After the discussion, we will have the Reiki Two attunements and meditation. For the second half of day one and the entirety of day two, we will practice utilizing the symbols to send distance healing ( Both days are full 8 hour workshops, a light lunch will be provided).


$350 (two day course)


***Preferred pre-requisite is Level One attunement for at least 6 months. Will accept students with attunement for 3 months.



Reiki Master Levels One and Two $550 (two day course)



Post Master Training

For those who have already completed their Usui Master level training, I offer attunements in Kundalini, Violet Flame, and Karuna Ki Reiki.



Please contact me for more details.



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