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"I am not a stranger to Reiki healing. Aria is simply one of the best!" ~Joan S.


Reiki session


                        60 minutes at $75/home office



Reiki sessions with crystal alignment (I find that the use of a crystal grid during a Reiki session can enhance and augment healing and balancing)


                        60 minutes at $90


For clients who wish to pre-purchase a package of sessions, there is a price point savings per session.



Package of 3 (60 minute) Reiki sessions: $175

Package of 5 (60 minute) Reiki sessions: $300

Package of 10 (60 minute) Reiki sessions: $600




What is Reiki?


Reiki originated in Japan at the end of the 19th century, and is a system where the practitioner acts as a conduit, providing healing energy to the client. The client is fully clothed at ALL times. Reiki can be done through light touch, or distance sessions.  I have found Reiki to be an incredibly gentle, but powerful modality, allowing both client and pracitioner better access to their individual spiritual paths. This energy works on the energetic, emotional, and physical bodies, activating the body's innate healing abilities, and tendancy towards balance. Our bodies are wise and wish to be in alignment. When we slow down and listen to our inner guidance, we find ourselves healing on mutiple levels.


I understand that for those who have not experience Reiki, there may be a sense of incredulity, a disbelief that a "hands on", non-intrusive modality could be effective. As an academic, and the child of academics, I was extremely skeptical about it's efficacy other than a possible placebo effect. That all changed with an injury to my right hip that I sustained in the winter of 2000. It left me with the inability to walk without a limp, and caused a great deal of pain (and sciatica). I went the traditional route of physical therapy, and after 12 weeks experienced absolutely no improvement. In desperation, I decided to investigate some alternative forms of therapy and recalled seeing the name of a Reiki practitioner at a local metaphysical book store. I booked an appointment, feeling quite foolish and figuring I was probably wasting my $50. The day of the appointment I arrived at the book store and was informed that her office was up one flight of stairs. As I was still in a great deal of pain, I literally crawled up the stairs to her office. We did a brief assessment and then the Reiki session began. I felt waves of warmth and relaxation as she lightly touched her hands to various points of my body. After the session we reviewed some of her initial impressions and made a follow up appointment. As I exited her office, I realized that I was walking without a limp for the first time in over 3 months. I was able to walk down the staircase without any difficulty, and was amazed at the overall lightness I felt in my body. I would estimate that there was about 80% improvement in my level of pain and ability to move, from that very first session.


I was amazed.... ONE session of Reiki did what 3 months of physical therapy could not. I was determined to learn more. One year later, I was attuned to Usui Reiki Level one by the same practitioner who had done that intial session. Six months later, she attuned me to Level two. Since that time, I have studied other types of Reiki with various practitioners and am now a Reiki Master who offers classes to welcome others to this amazing system of energetic healing and balance.

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