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In my years working as a Bereavement Counselor at Hope Hospice, I had the opportunity to work with clients individually, and in groups who were grieving the loss of their beloved dead. During this time, I was consistently aware of my own feelings about death and dying. Life is so incredibly precious and I found myself looking around at my friends and family (human and 4 legged), reveling in precious moments and memories. This was around the same time that I began to have more regular spirit communicators come through to speak with their loved ones. As at that time I was not aware of how to express my mediumistic abilities, and was also in the professional role of bereavement therapist, I did not inform my clients about my experiences. In 2014, I took my first mediumship class and then attended my first circle. I was shocked by the clarity of evidence that came through for my partner. I'll never forgot how thankful he was that I brought through his recently deceased father. He hugged me with such gratitude. I realized then how my mediumship could be a profound adjunct to my therapy work.

Since that time, I have continued my studies online with a variety of instructors through the prestigious Arthur Findlay College, and taken additional coursework with Eileen Davies, Tony Stockwell, John Holland, and Martin Twycross.

I have offered Mediumship through The Cauldron Black and Crow Haven Corner in Salem, MA, at psychic fairs around New England, and through my private practice.

Currently all readings are online through Zoom or

30 minute mediumship session - $75

45 minute mediumship session- $100


**Payment is only received if you feel that I have provided information which is in alignment with your expectations of the session. You may record the session if you wish. If within the first ten minutes of the session, I don't provide evidence of a known spirit communicator, I will cancel the session, and return any deposit or fee you have already paid. 

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